Advertising takes David to amazing places. It also has a reputation for trying to achieve the impossible. This is why David got himself into advertising in the first place. David loves a challenge and always makes a point of “raising the proverbial bar”.

When he is not shooting commercial work or enjoying an active family life, David sets projects for himself to explore subjects that interest him. Most recently, he shot graffiti on the back of bathroom doors and other public spaces, like railway stations, train carriages and parks across the country, and learned more about the political and social issues that exist in the margins of our country than anything you could discover in a survey or the media. Before that, he explored “Odium” and displayed his collection at the Loerie Awards on Long street, which creatives enjoyed with morbid fascination.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously and hosting exhibitions of his personal work has become somewhat of a good excuse to support an agency band and have a bit of a party.

This blog is designed to share with you what he’s been up to and get you to pop in at his next gig.




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