David Prior

Commercial Photographer

David Prior has worked and played hard throughout his career as a commercial photographer in the South African Ad industry. With each campaign he’s established abiding relationships with creatives and agencies across the country, and been part of creating some of South Africa’s most loved brands.

David spent the majority of his career in Johannesburg before relocating to beautiful Cape Town, where he works mainly on location and out of his studio at home in Tokai.

He shoots on Hasselblad.

He has spent many years studying a bottle of ice-cold beer, and has become quite the authority on the art of capturing one of life’s small pleasures. Because of this, he’s shot for almost every great beer brand that has come out of South African Breweries, as well as Amstel, Windhoek and Heineken. These brands have taken him across the African continent.

His strength is in storytelling, which is evident in all his work, but especially in his love of portraiture. He is most admired for his exceptional use of light and colour.

David’s insatiable humour, easy going demeanour and professionalism on set, remind us why we love working in this industry.

He has been recognized across the globe for his dedication to his craft, being awarded metal at Cannes, One Show, D&AD and our very own Loerie Awards, and has been featured in highly esteemed publications such as Archive Magazine and Communication Arts. His accomplishments throughout his career are what most aspire to achieve in a lifetime.